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February 2012

Tune into Jesus

Islam, Voodo or Christ

Partnership with a Bolivian Quechua man, Casiano Mamani, led Pioneers missionary, Greg Muir, to the San Pedro de Buena Vista Valley. Although the Gospel had first arrived in this valley over 100 years ago, many years had passed since missionaries walked those mountain sides and their absence had been felt. The few believers in San Pedro were desperate for Bible-teaching and discipleship. Responding to that need were Greg and Lily Muir, a fellow Pioneers worker and 3 Bolivian men. They committed themselves to coming back each month for a year to teach and disciple in the area. This is their story:


Each month we would visit the same villages scattered through the valley. It was a blessing to see believers returning to the abandoned church building, new conversions, baptisms and the reinstating of the Lord's Table in the churches. After 18 months of hard work, we started looking at another equally needy valley but we wondered, "Who will continue the teaching here?" We believed that the newly appointed leaders in the churches could teach but who would encourage them and who would be a presence in homes that were too isolated from the churches?


God had a plan however. My father, Alex, and I came across a little red solar powered radio in another part of the country. Someone else had previously distributed a small amount of the solar powered, fix tune radios tuned to the only Quechua Christian Radio Station, Radio Mosoj Chaski. These radios would prove to be the answer to our question of, "Who will continue?"


A whole new ministry opened up for us; distributing solar radios in remote villages. The radios, produced in Hamilton, Ontario by Galcom International, are transported to Bolivia by teams of people from North America led by Alex Muir, my father and co-worker.


In March 2005 our first team arrived in Bolivia. My initial desire was to see 50 radios distributed in the region down river from San Pedro but God had much bigger plans than that. Ephesians 3:20 says, "Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." The reality of that first radio distribution trip was 600 radios distributed in Bolivia affecting more than 50 different communities!


It did not stop there. From 2005 until 2011, 19 radio distribution teams came to Bolivia, distributing more than 30 000 radios throughout the remote villages of the Andes Mountains. God is to be praised for taking my dream of 50 radios and multiplying it to 30,000!


We believe that the distribution of these solar radios is one of the keys in planting indigenous churches amongst the Quechua people in Bolivia. Many testimonies exist of how the radio has been instrumental in the salvation and discipleship of Quechua people. For some villages, the radio was the very first Gospel witness among them. Quechua Christians travel into villages where the church does not exist and through creative means of buying and trading spend a few days in that particular village, inviting the folks who live there to listen to their radio. Through these radios the church is reaching out and is extending to the most remote villages of the Bolivian Andes.


We pray that the thousands of radios out there will continue to function well despite the harsh conditions they face (dust, moisture). We also pray that the Holy Spirit will use the Word in the heart language of the Quechua people to see many more come to faith in Christ and to see the movement of Quechua church planting grow in Bolivia.


For more information on how to be involved in this amazing ministry, please contact Pioneers at newsletter@pioneers.ca.

Director's Message

Harold MinorIn this edition of "One Ambition" you will read several stories from around the world. While the contexts are different, the message remains the same - reconciling men and women to a God who loves them through Jesus Christ. Some of these workers have crossed the ocean, others are reaching out to the "strangers" next door. Perhaps the Lord of the Harvest is calling you to get involved. Let us help you get started!


We also want to take the opportunity to introduce you to James and Lauren Kim and their three daughters as we welcome them to Canada. James has accepted the position of Executive Director for Pioneers Canada. For the past 10 years James has served as the Director of Mobilization for Pioneers US and Lauren has served as Director of IT.


James assumes his full responsibilities as Exec. Director on Feb 1, 2012. Please keep the Kim's in your prayers as they transition from Orlando FL to London, ON.


In His Grip,
Harold Minor
Harold Minor
Interim Director



James Kim and FamilyMy family and I immigrated to the United States of America in 1977 from South Korea. Naïve and trusting of our parents, my siblings and I didn't understand the culture shock involved in moving to a foreign land. Our first week was good as the novelty of the situation, the safety of being at our uncle's home, as well as a myriad of uncles and aunts coming by to see us gave us a sense of excitement. Then we moved into our own apartment...


As with the neighbourhood bully and my first teacher, who couldn't last one day with me, almost everyone made it known, whether blatantly or underhandedly, that I was different and I didn't belong among them.


My family and I will be moving to London ON this summer. Our girls will be 9, 7, and 5. Fortunately, they will be coming into a better situation than we did. Their move won't be as drastic as they already know the language and have lived among people who look and act differently. But what about the hundreds of thousands of people who are coming to Canada in situations similar to my own? What will their first impressions be of Canada and Canadians?


Jesus, talking about the Judgment Day, said those who satisfied the King's hunger, His thirst, and invited Him in, even though He was a stranger, would be chosen to be with Him. When asked by the righteous, "When did we do this?" The King replied, "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me." (See Matthew 25:31-46 NASB).


Pioneers Canada is working hard to mobilize, train, and care for those who are passionate about showing Christ to the "strangers" who are coming to Canada. Many are also going as "strangers" to places where Christ is not yet known. Their desire is to bring the Good News of the love of the only God who sent His own Son to rescue the lost. My family and I are thrilled to be a part of this type of radical obedience to the One who loves so deeply.


Won't you join us on this adventure? Partner with us to pray, give, and go!


Because of His Love,

James M. Kim
Executive Director

"Strangers" next door

We are a nation of immigrants! Immigration is responsible for two-thirds of Canada's growth (Statistics Canada 2011) between 2005 and 2010, most of our "new neighbours" settling in the large urban centres of the nation.


What does this mean for Pioneers?


Many previously assumed "unreached" people from areas like the 10/40 Window are now accessible to believers in churches across Canada. Christians can now literally practice "missions on their doorstep."


How can we reach these "strangers" next door with the love of Christ?


Since the early 1990's, Pioneers Canada workers have been reaching out to "most needy, least opportunity" peoples around the world with the "Good News" of Jesus! Now representatives of these people groups have settled in Canada. We now have a mission field on our doorstep.


That's where Pioneers' In Canada Missions comes in. God has called out some 40 workers who are ministering across Canada in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Church planting through a partnership with Pioneers and the local church.


You will read stories in this newsletter that illustrate how God has used Pioneers workers to reach out to newcomers in our neighbourhoods. Will you consider joining us?



Canada is a great nation with so many resources and the ethnic diversity here rivals anywhere on earth. But one of the most shocking things that we see happen in ICM ministry almost weekly would be something akin to a blind man standing in front of Niagara Falls. Let me explain.


The other night I took another phone call from a close family friend. Although they've been in Canada for eight years they are completely without ability to help themselves. They have a phone. They have a computer. They have active driver's licenses, but in talking with them you'd wonder about the use of any of these things. Why? Language.


This family is one of several hundred in our small town whose level of English is so low that they cannot search the internet for anything of value, they cannot call a number where the person answering doesn't speak Punjabi, and they dare not go to a new office to talk to new people because the whole idea is far too intimidating. So what do they do? They have heard the 'roar' of the falls that says there is help available, but how do they reach it?


What do they do when one of the family members is trying to break a major drug addiction? Or needs to begin a divorce process? Or press charges for a work related offense? Canada has all the resources, all the programs, all the help anyone could ever need...oh wait... not for this immigrant family.


But that is just one more location Pioneers missionaries are bridging the gap between need and service. I can't tell you how many times the person on the other end of the phone has asked me, "so who exactly are YOU?" as they openly wonder how I fit into the mix of such sensitive family issues when I call on someone's behalf. And, how do we fit? How do we help? ANY way we can - EVERY time we can - to every PERSON we can. That is ICM work. That is the heart of Jesus as it reaches nations.


- Worker among the Canadian Sikh community



On Thanksgiving, I was planning an outreach potluck with some Canadian believers. The week prior I was trying to get some Palestinians to my house for the potluck. It wasn't working, so I finally gave in and said, "God, do whatever you want!" Well, all the Canadians brought their Muslim friends and ALL of them ended up being Kurds. While we were sharing about what we were thankful for, one lady started sharing a dream she had of Jesus and how it has changed her life. We were all stunned that she would share this in front of her own people but overjoyed that she had the courage to do so!!!


- Worker with unique ministry among Muslim women



One day Khadija had a dream. She was standing in front of a road that looked muddy and tough, and as she was hesitating, she heard a voice from above that said, "Don't be afraid, I'm He for whom you're searching. Take the road." When she obeyed the voice, that road lead her to heaven.(Mt 7:13-14) When she woke up, she knew that it was Jesus. Shortly after, she had another dream in which Jesus took her to pierce her ears. Jesus declared that she belonged to Him forever! (Ex.21:5-6)


Of course Khadija didn't know when she dreamed these dreams, that they are passages from the Bible. Actually Jesus's visitation in her dreams started when she was in her country in a fanatic Muslim family!


Now she has given her life completely to Jesus and wants to follow Him. To be able to grow spiritually on God's living Word and to experience the victory and transformation in all the areas of her life, she needs help. She's a widow, a mother of 2 children and a student here in Canada. God sent her and her 2 kids to our regular prayer meeting of Muslim background believers and we'd like to encourage them and nurture them alongside the Arab church she attends.


I'm honored to be a part of God's work for Muslim women whether for their salvation or for their discipleship. Muslim women are not easily reached behind their veils. Praise God who constantly visits them with dreams and visions. God wants to include each one of us for His Kingdom work, what a privilege! May all be ready to be His instruments to those who have never heard about His love.


- Family working among the Muslim community




  • For more information on ICM ministry check out: www.pioneers.ca/icm
  • joyloewen.blogspot.com - conversation starters when meeting Muslim women and inspirational stories of the vibrant ministry that God has given Joy
  • Woman to Woman by Joy Loewen - a book with practical advice for developing a fruitful ministry with Muslim Women
Revolution to Revelation

Many watched the events in the Arab World over the last year with a sense of wonder and anticipation. News reports came through about the political changes being made in several countries and what that would mean for the citizens in those countries. What international news does not report on though is how hearts and lives are being transformed in those same countries through the saving faith in Jesus Christ.


PALM (Preparing Arab-world Leaders for Ministry) is a Pioneers ministry that provides inductive Bible study courses to followers of Christ who have grown up in Muslim families or countries.


The PALM team which is made up of Arab and Berber Christians from North African and Middles Eastern countries, develops, promotes and teaches courses on the Scriptures and practical Christian living. These are designed specifically for believers from a Muslim background (BMBs).


Below is an inspiring update from PALM workers in the Middle East:


There is one multi-generational believing family in our province. In this home, both parents and nine children are now believers. The eldest son, 'Hamid (pseudonym)' is now 25 and a believer.


Hamid has embraced PALM studies with vigor. Over the past year, he completed the entire Level 1 discipleship curriculum. Imagine the richness of growth in his life as he has the opportunity to be discipled by both western and local spiritual mentors. As he continues to engage in the scripture his opportunity to share it publically has been increasing. During Ramadan, some believers arranged a community Ramadan party and Hamid was invited to share. With the advice of his mentors he strives to present a clear and concise testimony of Christ's love and saving grace. Hamid's witness has also been evident among his family. This year alone his aunt and two of his siblings were baptized!


In the midst of a world turned upside down by revolution, God's purposes are still being realized. Praise God with us that this family has come to saving faith in Christ and are witnessing to their community about His great love and saving grace.


To God be the Glory!

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