Personnel Director


Donnie joined Pioneers in 1989, with plans to go to Albania.  After doing survey work among Albanians in former Yugoslavia, Italy, and Albania, God led them to join the mobilization effort of Pioneers USA where Donnie served as Director of Mobilization.  Afterwards as Pioneers was going through an internationalization process, Donnie served on Pioneers first International Coordinating Team as the International Mobilization Coordinator.  In 2003, Donnie became the Executive Director for Pioneers Canada where he served for eight years.  After serving in pastoral ministry for three years most recently, Donnie returned to Pioneers Canada to serve as Director of Personnel.   He and Beth have two grown children, Joshua and Caleb, who is married to Kirsten who have provided the first grandson in the family and another on the way.

Contact Donnie by calling the office at (519) 268-8778 or email him.