Ask for the Primis* People

The Primis* people already struggle to survive without tools, technology, medicine or an understanding of the modern world. Their land has also been exploited by individuals, governments and companies in search of resources. Their lives are tangled with complex spiritual beliefs, intertwining the physical with the spiritual; animal spirits determine their success in hunting, trees are believed to house these animal spirits and the shamans talk to the animal spirits before extracting the plant product for medicine.

Read a powerful story below that illustrates the depth of the tribe's animistic beliefs, but highlights the even greater power of the one true God.

The Primis* People

A shadowed figure whose face was never seen visited several nights each week. ‘He’ only met with the men and, as they worshipped him, he would ask them the types of animals they wanted him to bring back for food. Each time he came he brought those specific animals alive for them. One night some women decided to sneak in to see the “god”. He saw them, pronounced a curse on the village, and most of the women and children became sick or died.

He continued to visit and bring animals though, and the men continued to worship out of fear. It was during the weeks of this curse that missionaries made contact and first shared the Gospel among the Primis* people. Though it meant potentially going hungry and defying a “god” who obviously had power to kill, most of the men joyfully accepted this new God of love, a God who wouldn’t kill their families.

That was a few decades ago. Two generations later there are still those that believe in the God of love, the one true God, and tell of how He came and saved their grandparents from the demon that deceived them. They long for a deeper understanding of God and are in desperate need of discipleship.

One young couple with Pioneers is committed to serving the Primis* people. They have already begun building their hut in the village and will soon move in. A few years ago they travelled throughout the Amazon basin, meeting with the small community of believers that is dispersed amongst 30 different tribes. The Primis* people were the only tribe where believers in the one true God expressed their desire to learn more about the God of love.

God is opening a strategic door. Not only will the Primis* people be nourished and grow but, Lord willing, they will develop into a missionary church that is ready, willing and able to take the Gospel to their many neighbours who are in great need. This specific tribe is one of very few in region who has the freedom within the local culture to interact with almost all the other tribes in the area. This is why the need to go and disciple this small group of Primis* believers is so important.

We are on the cusp of something momentous! It seems God has orchestrated an incredible plan and we are in a position to walk with Him through this open door.

*This people group name is a pseudonym to keep our teams and followers of Jesus safe.