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Possibilities for Miraculous Encounters

Imagine a place where virtually no one has ever heard of Jesus, let alone even met a Christian. These places do exist. In Isaan, Thailand, less than 0.1% are Christian. They too need miraculous encounters!

Just as Naadirah had a miraculous encounter with Jesus because of Caroline’s ‘chance’ encounter with her on the bus, Pioneers is working amongst the people of Isaan where 99.9% of the 22 million people there do not know Christ. It seems impossible — but as you hear in the video — God disregards the impossible and makes it possible!

Pioneers has a vision for six teams of missionaries throughout this region. To build relationships and then plant simple, organic churches. God is up to something — as already over 17 missionaries are there in two years!   We at Pioneers Canada are committed to mobilizing more Canadians to follow God’s call to Thailand and many other places that remain in spiritual darkness. Is God calling you?

If you are interested in working among the Isaan or another unreached people group, contact us at to talk to our mobilization team.

If God is prompting you to help send more missionaries to the field, please support the Strategic Priorities Fund that helps Pioneers recruit, train and send more individuals, couples and families whom God has called. Donate today!

Together we will work together with God to ignite the impossible!

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