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Africa’s Believers Serving Africa’s Unreached

Missionaries have traditionally answered the call to leave home and spread the Gospel in foreign lands. But in the Global South, an increasing number of believers are on the move to take the Good News to unreached places within their own country.

Daniel is one of those missionaries.

Born and raised in the West African country of Ghana, Daniel is boldly proclaiming the Word to his fellow Ghanaians — but not those in his community. Instead, he is following God’s call and has moved to the remote northeastern town of Banda — a place where until 15 years ago, there were no known believers!

He is serving, along with a few others from the Pioneers Ghana team, among the Ligbi people group. The vast majority, about 85 percent of this unreached people group are dedicated Muslims and are very intolerant of the Gospel of Christ.

Even though the community has resisted every effort to bring the Gospel to them, Pioneers missionaries throughout Africa, like Daniel, are using creative methods in their work. Some use their training as teachers, medical workers, or artisans as a platform for ministry, as well as to generate much-needed support for their families.

As Daniel lives among the Ligbi people, the grace he demonstrates as the result of the work of Christ in his life is a powerful witness, especially among Muslims.

Daniel is using his training as an educator to make inroads with the Good News, believing that God will bring in a rich harvest among the Ligbi. He teaches religious studies at a school in one of the surrounding villages. His lessons cover Islam, traditional religion, and Christianity. With limited Christian resources in the Ligbi language, Daniel has taken the opportunity to explain the Gospel and the saving work of Christ to the young minds listening to him. Some of them have even embraced the truth of his messages!

He has been deliberate about living out his faith and the villagers have taken note. Praise God that many parents send their children to spend their vacation time in his home to receive extra academic instructions, but also in the hope that their children learn his good conduct. Daniel courageously uses the opportunity to minister to these future leaders whenever possible.

Daniel is one of more than 100 African missionaries that Pioneers Africa has sent to serve the unreached since 1994. They are currently ministering among 35 people groups in remote areas, mainly in West Africa, but also in Central and East Africa.

In some countries, where foreign missionaries are not welcome, local missionaries who spread the Good News are the only way these unreached people groups will hear of Christ. The Pioneers Africans in Ministry project supports missionaries, like Daniel, who work in hard-to-reach places within their home country. To support this strategic project, visit and select Africans in Ministry in the Designation Field.

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