Ask For the People of Yemen

War. Famine. Disease.

Perhaps these are the words that come to mind when you think of Yemen, but history tells us that centuries ago it was one of the most advanced regions in Arabia. Strategically situated at the crossroads of major trade and communication routes, Yemen was home to many ancient kingdoms. Located on the southerntip of the Arabian Peninsula, south of Saudi Arabia and southwest of Oman, Yemen has 1,900 km of coastline on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The western part of the country is a fertile land where the widely popular arabica coffee was first cultivated and consumed centuries ago. More than 99 percent of the 28 million citizens of Yemen are Muslim.

Centuries of political and administrative upheaval and unrest have plagued this developing country. Modern- day Yemen was established in 1990 when, after years of fighting, the Yemen Arab Republic (north) and People’s Republic of Yemen (south) united as one country. Sadly, unification did not completely bring an end to the conflict.

Yemen has long been one of the poorest countries of the modern Arab world, and this has been greatly exacerbated by civil war. In September 2014, rebels from the Houthi movement, an armed Shia religious and political group, took control of the capital, Sana’a. The war between the Houthis and troops loyal to the internationally-recognized government of Yemen escalated in March 2015, when President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi was forced to flee into Saudi Arabia as an exile and a Saudi-led coalition intervened.

The current conflict in Yemen has endured for more than four years and the tragedy unfolding is what the UN has called “the world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster.”



Pray for the People of Yemen:

That those who have the power to end this war would do so.

For Yemen’s future. This war will eventually end, but what will happen next?  
Pray into the years beyond the war.

That all people would have access to clean water, food and medicine.
Pray that aid would get to the people who need it most and that nothing would go astray.

For the children of Yemen. This war has made them weak and incredibly vulnerable. They are also losing their education.
Pray that they would be able to reclaim their childhood and look to a more positive future.

Lift up the small number of Yemeni believers. Many have a strong and solid faith and are able to nurture others.
Pray for our brothers and sisters to have strength and to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus.

Give thanks that Yemenis want to know more about Jesus.
Pioneers teams are in regular contact with Yemeni seekers and believers, both inside and outside the country.

Ask For The Yemeni Refugees

Divine Intervention

Abdul’s* life was changed the day of the accident. He was hurt, but not as badly as others in the car. As he lay in his hospital bed, visitors came in and out. Many stated things like:

“Thanks be to Allah, Abdul, that you were not killed or hurt worse.”

“Abdul, you should thank Allah for sparing your life.”

Up to this point in his life he had not been that interested in spiritual things, but accidents like his have a way of making you think about your own mortality.

Abdul began to reflect on the attributes of God (Allah) that he had heard throughout his life: God is holy, God is just, God is righteous. He also found himself thinking about what little he had learned about Jesus (Isa): Jesus is holy, Jesus is just, Jesus is righteous. He realized that these attributes of Jesus were really the attributes of God and that no other human except Jesus exhibited these attributes.

“If this is true,” thought Abdul, “then Jesus must be God! I will be a follower of Jesus.”

He had never met a Christian, he did not have a Bible and yet his life was radically changed. The way he lived changed. The way he talked changed. He shared his discovery of Jesus’s God-like attributes every chance he got!

One day, as he talked about Jesus with a Muslim friend, the friend asked him if he knew Hamza*. When Abdul replied that he did not, his friend said, “you must know him because you both talk about Jesus all the time!”

So his friend introduced Abdul to Hamza, a believer, and together they began to talk about Jesus. Hamza introduced Abdul to a community of Christ-followers in Yemen and invited Abdul to join them.

We met Abdul in this community and had the privilege of asking him about his faith.

“How did you know what to do to follow Jesus?” we asked.

“I thought about what Jesus was like and tried to do what Jesus would,” was his reply.

Simple. Beautiful.

Through God revealing His Son, Abdul’s life was transformed. And now, he is connected with other Jesus-followers who are proclaiming the truth of the good news of the Gospel. Local believers are coming together to declare that Jesus is God. They are teaching and discipling new believers like Abdul, and the number of Christ-followers continues to grow.

Like Abdul, there are many Muslims coming to faith through visions and dreams. God is using these in combination with relationships and media to draw people to Himself.

A car accident led Abdul to question who God is, and similarly the war and humanitarian crises in the area are causing people to question what they believe; many are disillusioned with Islam and searching for peace and hope. Peace and hope that only comes through a relationship with Jesus!

Through God revealing His Son, Abdul's life was transformed.

The beauty is, we have access to God’s Word and fellowship in community with Christ-followers and now, thanks to the connection with other Yemeni believers, so does Abdul. What if we followed Abdul’s example of simple, beautiful faith? What if we “thought about what Jesus was like and tried to do what Jesus would do?” How would our lives look different? Let’s be doers of the Word.

"I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me."