Can I be a photographer and a missionary?

*Todd lives in South East Asia.  Through his incredible talent in photography and videography, he shares stories of the work that God is doing through Pioneers teams around the world.

Are you a visual storyteller who has a passion for sharing the love of Jesus?

Can I be a midwife and a missionary?

*Sara is a midwife living and serving in Africa. She cares for women through the incredible experience of bringing new life into the world and shares God's love for them through the story of the birth of our Redeemer - Jesus.

Are you a health-care professional whose compassion for people is matched by your passion for God?

Can I be a teacher and a missionary?

*Brad is a teacher. He is currently preparing to go to the mission field and is asking God for direction and leading to a place and team where his talents as an educator can best be used for his good and God's glory.

Are you a teacher who would like to use your gift to teach others about God's great love?