Let Us Take You There - Japan

Covid has closed borders, but God is still calling and preparing women and men to PRAY, GIVE, and GO to the nations so that His name is glorified. Maybe He is using this season to challenge YOU to discern your role in missions.

We want to “take” you to some of the least-reached regions of the world and see how God stirs in your heart to join us in sharing His love.

First stop … Japan

I asked Stephanie, a fellow Canadian, and member of our Pioneers team in Japan, if she could “tour” us around the beautiful nation she calls home.

Let’s go …

 What would be on your “must-see” list if you were planning a trip to Japan?

Maybe a trip to Mt. Fuji, or experiencing the neon lights of Tokyo at night …

Topping my list would be a walk down one of the many cherry-blossom lined streets in spring …


But let's start our tour with a snack ...

Japanese food is famous around the globe. Stephanie’s personal favourite is okonomiyaki. She describes it as a savory pancake, with the base ingredients being cabbage and batter. Since the name means "as you like it," seafood, pork, cheese, green onion and a variety of other ingredients can be added in to suit your taste. 

 Sounds delish! I’m definitely putting it on my list to try, how about you? 

Japan is home to more than 126 million, almost 3 ½ times larger than the population of Canada, but only 2.2% identify as Christian. The largest religion is Buddhism and virtually every municipality of the country has at least one Buddhist temple.

 “It might surprise you to know that a rather large number of young people think that Christmas is Santa's birthday; they celebrate by eating Kentucky fried chicken and strawberry shortcake. Also, there are more adherents to "Christian" cults in Japan than there are Protestant Christians. Despite over 150 years of Protestant missionary presence, true believers make up less than 1% of the population.”   - Stephanie

And did you know that 21% of the Japanese population is over the age of 65, with more than 50,000 people over 100 years old? This is the highest proportion of elderly in the world! 

 If you were to attend church in Japan, chances are the pastor would be elderly - half of Japanese pastors are over 65. This is having, and will continue to have, a significant impact on the Japanese church. 

There are almost 7000 islands in Japan. (I didn't know that!)

One of Stephanie’s favourite things about serving in Japan is living only 20 minutes away from the ocean.

“In the warmer months, friends and I will often go to the beach to hang out or have impromptu worship times. Our church will also have baptisms in the ocean as well.”  -  Stephanie 

That's awesome!

Most Japanese do not know a Christian. Because of this, many have confused and misguided views about Christianity (remember Santa’s birthday at Christmas?) and have little idea what the Gospel is about.

Join Stephanie in praying that Japanese Christians and missionaries build trust with one another and work together in unity. Pray that together they will be able to enter in and gain favour with communities resistant to the gospel.

 Pray for Pioneers teams in Japan as they experience a season of transition.  Pray for new teams that are just starting as well as new partnerships that are forming - growth is exciting but it can also bring new challenges.

 Many thanks to Stephanie for taking us on this journey to Japan! 

How will YOU join us in sharing God’s love with Japanese men, women and children?

Will you PRAY?

Will you GIVE?

Will you GO?