Let Us Take You There - France


I have dreamed of visiting France someday: strolling down the Champs de Mars at dusk with millions of coloured lights on the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the distance, photographing the soaring spires of magnificent cathedrals, sipping Café Crème at a Parisian roadside café, hiking in the French Alps and basking in the glorious sunshine on the beautiful southern beaches.  But I’ll be honest, I've never thought much about France as a largely unchurched, post-Christian nation where the vast majority of the population has not yet had the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus – a place in need of women and men who are willing to GO and share the Gospel.

Pioneers has one purpose: to go into regions where few people have ever had the opportunity to hear of Jesus and His great salvation plan and tell the story of His amazing love.  France is one of those regions!  Of the more than 67 million French citizens, less than 2 percent professes to be evangelical.  Join fellow Canadians and Pioneers global team members in France, Jim and Corrie, as they "take" us to the beautiful country they call home.

Let's go to France!

I know that visiting France isn’t all about the food, but my imaginary trips to France always include warm, flakey croissants and fresh baked bread. Jim and Corrie, what is your favourite must-try food?

J & C: It doesn't sound very French, but because there are so many North Africans in France I would say our favourite food is Moroccan couscous. God has given us a love for the unreached North Africans that began in the mid-1980's when I (Jim) came as a short-term volunteer. I met my lovely French wife and discovered a world of opportunity to serve here.

But for something really French, croissants are definitely a good choice!  And crepes – French crepes are absolutely delicious as a tasty snack or a full meal. Have you ever tried a buckwheat crepe with ham or salmon, eggs and emmantal cheese?

Together we love the food and the people!

Yum - I'm up for ANY kind of crepe!  And thanks for sharing that glimpse into how you two met - what a great story!


What do you love about living in France (other than the food of course)?

J & C: We are blessed to live in a lovely corner of France where the winter is mild and short compared to Canada - geographically we're between the mountains and the sea. 

"Between the mountains and the sea" is my perfect kind of place! I can imagine hikes through mountain meadows and walks on sun-kissed sand both on the same weekend. 

Let’s talk about culture a little, what is something that might surprise Canadians when they first arrive in France? 

J & C: The French Art of Living means that when you go to a café or restaurant no one is going to hurry you away after your meal, you can have your table for the evening. And you don't even need to tip!

That sounds lovely!  Long, slow, conversations over great food.  What a fabulous way to connect with new friends and deepen relationships.

Is living in France always so laid-back?

J & C: No, not always. One striking difference between the culture in France and Canada is that the French really don't sit back passively when faced with conflict. They take it to the street and make their disagreements with the government known in no uncertain terms. The French Revolution lives on!

When I (Jim) first arrived in France my first experience around the table threw me for a loop as it seemed the animated conversation was more of on argument! But no, French people are just passionate about the things they believe in and enjoy that exchange.

That is certainly a contrast to the stereotypical Canadian “sorry” culture and a population who prides themselves on being friendly and polite.

Are there many opportunities for Canadians to GO to France with the purpose of sharing the Good News?

J & C: Absolutely! There are a variety of opportunities from ministry to refugees and displaced peoples, teaching English as a second language, social media outreach team members, working with French and international students … really, whatever talents and experience you have can be used for His glory in France.

That’s fantastic! I am praying that other Canadians will be inspired to discern how they can be involved in sharing God’s love with the French people.

Before we go, how can we pray for you and your ministry?

J & C: Pray for us as we consider new ways to better proclaim the Gospel to those who are spiritually seeking using social media.  Pray for Corrie as she participates in translating a much-appreciated discipleship tool, Come Follow Me, into French for the mobile app.

Heavenly Father, we lift up Jim and Corrie to you today.  We celebrate with you how media is being used to share the Gospel with those who have least access to knowing your great love.  We pray for wisdom for J & C as they consider new ways to use social media as a tool to create relationship that points people to Jesus. We pray for Corrie as she participates in translating Come Follow Me – may the words of the translation team be guided by your Spirit. Amen

Jim and Corrie, thank you for taking us to France!

How will you share God's love with people in France? Will you GO? Will you GIVE? Will you PRAY?

We would love to explore ways to partner with you!