The world has changed.

Maybe you've changed too.

But even in the change, and the crazy and the hard,

Even as Covid-19 continues to rear its ugly head and cause chaos around the world and here at home, 


Will you #HopeWithUs for Myanmar by joining us in prayer?

🙏Pray for the more than 170,000 Myanmar citizens who have been displaced by conflict and political unrest since February 2021.

🙏Pray that those who need medical care for Covid-19 will receive the medicines and treatment they need. Pray for the men, women and children experiencing compounded trauma and grief.

🙏Pray that Truth, Justice and Love reign in Myanmar.

🙏Pray that followers of Jesus will not loose Hope.  Pray that they will be a people of comfort and peace in a tumultuous time.

🙏Pray that the name of Jesus is made known throughout the Myanmar as he is the giver of Hope. 

Let the video below inspire you to HOPE for the beautiful people of Myanmar.