Part One – God's Invitation  

How did you feel God’s invitation to consider missions? 

Do you remember as a child chasing bubbles out in the lawn? Some would land right on you and pop, showering you with a sticky spray. Others were just out of reach, so you chase them, hoping to catch one as it flies lower. 
Sometimes I feel like that child again… each bubble with a new message from the Lord. A bubble pops with a little shower as His Spirit speaks. It’s so exciting to sense that touch, that closeness to God and I long to hear more so I chase another one, but it’s just out of reach. Perhaps it’s not time to hear that message yet. 

This visual came to mind as I was reflecting on how God has been speaking to us over the last few years. He gave me a powerful dream a few years ago. As we have discerned God’s leading, we have sensed he is stirring in our family’s life. Something big, a major change is coming, but we don’t know what.
Recently more of the meaning of that dream has been revealed, another bubble that we weren’t ready to hear before. The timing wasn’t right. Now, with confirmation from His word and other faithful friends, God has led us to explore the possibility of moving and serving overseas with Pioneers.  





How are you taking steps to faithfully explore the possibility of missions as a family? 

We sensed the need to take a “vision” trip to see the country firsthand and connect with field leadership. We have wrestled with this for months, recognizing this life change doesn’t make “logical sense” especially given our kids ages (teenagers), but God is faithful, and He knows what our family needs more than we do. We continue to talk with our kids about this and walking with them as we discern God’s will. We are excited to see where He leads us. We will continue to take the next step believing that God will order our steps by closing or opening doors. 

How can we pray for you? 

• Please pray for our trip that we would have a clear understanding of God’s will for our family, for cultural sensitivity in this new environment, and for health & safety.  

• Pray that no matter the decision, in the end, our kids would see and understand what seeking God’s will looks like and that they would grow closer to Him in their own relationship.