Namaste!* My name is Sashi.*

I am a widow living in a rural village in South Asia.   

There was no church, pastor or any believers in Jesus here. Unfortunately, I never learned to read when I was young. YetGod saw me. How good and gracious our God is.    

Come, let’s visit together. Follow me over the pink-tiled courtyard (it keeps things clean when the rains come) to my house. I have prepared a traditional snack, jalebi (a soft pretzel with syrup) for you. Please, sip some sweet tea with it as I tell you my story.  


I have been a follower of Jesus for some time.  I came to know about Him after some family members experienced miracles when brought to a small group of believers for prayer. In one miracle, my adult son was healed from a painful condition he had had since he was a child. After hearing the news of Jesus, another family member went for prayer and was healed from demon possession. How powerful Jesus is! I was amazed that God would see us and care for us. I had to know Him and tell others about Him! 


One way I have been able to learn more about Jesus is through listening to a little MP3 player that was loaded with many sections of Scripture.  It is wonderful to hear God’s Word in my own language!  Now, even though I can’t read, I can learn more about God through His Word.  I listen to the Bible stories wherever I am. I can tuck it into my pocket and listen even while I am out with the cows or in the garden.   


God’s blessings continue. My daughter and her husband used to laugh at me for always listening to these stories, so I gave my MP3 player to them. They started listening to God’s Word as well and now they are both followers of Jesus. Praise God!  

God has given me a wonderful opportunity to help others hear His Word, grow as followers of Jesus and come together with other believers in community by using the MP3 player. I have started Discovery Bible groups that start with the story of how God made the world to how Jesus came and died for our sins. After each story we listen to the questions on the MP3. The discussions that have come up are amazing! I could share so many stories but I will talk for too long then! I can tell you we are seeing baptisms.  Small house churches can develop from groups like these. Thousands of churches have been started in my country in this very way by people just like me.  

Thank you for sharing tea with me. Please take a jalebi with you. 

Will you remember me in prayer my friend? I would value you being a part of what God is doing here. Pray that I would be a fruitful church planter and help others to see how even if they can’t read they can know Jesus more, and start their own Bible study groups and house churches! 

Please pray for Sashi* 

• Pray that God would lead her & other believers to new villages where there are many people ready to hear God’s message.
• Pray they would train others and start many more listening Bible Discovery Groups. 
• Pray that these groups would then become multiplying house churches.  
• Pray that God will help them to stand strong as persecution is a part of their lives and ministry.  
Your continual prayers are a great encouragement to Sashi and the believers in South Asia. Thank you for being a vital part of God’s ministry there.   
*Namaste is the daily greeting here. It does not have the same meaning as it does when used in the West with yoga.  
*Name has been changed for security reasons.