Obedience to God often requires us to take risks

We each make choices: some safe and predictable; some with inherent risk. What motivates us to take a risk? And when we face risk, how do we calculate it? Or do we simply avoid risk?

As we walk alongside individuals who are dedicated to bringing the gospel message to all people, we must consider the risk. It’s a topic that is quite familiar to mission communities. We invite you to read through our Fall 2022 edition of One Ambition. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged by stories of real people who have risked their comfort, safety, and their lives for missions! 

Join us as we explore the topic of risk in missions and how some of Pioneers' workers navigate risks and approach these challenges. Don’t forget to pray for our Pioneers workers on the frontlines bringing the gospel to people who have never heard of the good news of Jesus (page 17)! We praise God that he not only calls us to his mission in every nation and people group, but he also provides those who will stand with us in prayer. 

“Faith is the willingness to risk anything on God.” 

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*Updated edition of One Ambition, Fall 2022