Part Two - Change is the only constant in life

The key to our inclusion in the purposes of God in the turmoil of life is in our accepting that communion with Him in the confusion of life resting, trusting, and submitting to His oft-hidden purpose is our purpose. The text does not just talk about settling or some low-level satisfaction, but joyful purpose, and pleasure even in our toil and this as we rest with Him. 

Now you might ask, is this simply some conclusion drawn from an obscure Old Testament text? No! When we step back and look, we see that it is the message of history throughout the scriptures, Old Testament and New. There has always been unexpected tragedy and unsurprising normalcy. And throughout God has been calling people, both groups and individuals to trust in Him and draw closer to Him through overwhelming distress or seeming drudgery. 

Let us think of this with regard to the New Testament mission of the church. From the time of Christ to the extension of the church to the uttermost parts of the world, the church’s story has been one of change and challenge but no matter whether it be a season of difficulty or drudgery, Christ’s promise has remained true. He has continued to build His church (Matthew 16:18) through accompanying us in this task.

 ...I am with you always until the end of the age.

Matthew 28:20

This has been not despite the challenges, nor has it been because of the challenges, but because those challenges drove people to Christ and into a deeper relationship with Him where He then empowered them to accomplish more, in His presence, according to His timeline and for His glory. 

We are in a real time of change and challenge at this moment. From the pandemic, politics, and increasing post-Christendom attitudes in the West, some might wonder if the Church is able to survive let alone move forward. The truth is we cannot – without Christ. Right now, we are in the perfect position to understand the need to re-establish our relationship with the Lord. As Paul explains from personal experience it is “in our weakness that we are strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10). In the verse previous it is made clear that it is not by our ability but by God’s grace and through His power.

As we go through this season of change, let us remember that we have the same Lord and the same opportunity for a robust relationship with Him. We share the same life-transforming Gospel and can be participants in the plans and purposes of the Lord in our time no matter what the challenges (“in me you may have peace...I have overcome the world.” John 16:33, Psalm 1:3). With Christ, there is a joy filled hope, comfort even when confronted by change, peace, and purpose!