The joy of sharing the love of Jesus to marginalized families

God’s Heart for the Disabled

Anika’s mom and dad thought their little girl was cursed. Born with disabilities, Anika could not walk. Her parents carried her everywhere they went. She was a heavy burden in their life. 

But it turned out she was a blessing to the whole community!

A local pastor trained by Pioneers team members felt compassion for this little girl. He offered to carry her to church every Sunday, his heart filled with the need to care for the vulnerable. In a very God-like way, Anika became the catalyst to open the door for the salvation of Jesus for her family and the community. 


The vision for Enabled came from a Pioneers missionary. A doctor, he saw the huge need for compassionate care for the vulnerable children and adults who lived with debilitating challenges. Personally, he knew the struggles children with challenges faced as his daughter was disabled. Enabled is a program to bring support, primary healthcare and education to vulnerable people. 

Your gift helps establish an Enabled program in another community. 

For the first time children, women and men with disabilities feel loved and valued. 

Your gift is DOUBLED!

$1250 (x2) provides corrective surgery for children with disabilities

$500 (x2) provides a training event for pastors, helping them access unreached villages as health care advocates

$100 (x2) provides a wheelchair for 2 children with disabilities

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:40 (nlT)