ready to GO

GO where few dare

Are you considering going to those with the least opportunity to know God's great love?

 There are 3 pathways to serve with PIONEERS.

  Long Term (over one year) Join one of our 320+ teams, or pioneer a new one

  Venture (3 months -1 year) Experience missions to the unreached

  Edge (summer) Spend 8-12 weeks working with long-term missionaries 

Long Term
over one year

Bringing Christ to people who have never heard of Jesus is the heartbeat of Pioneers! It involves long-term commitment to spread the gospel, make disciples, and see a new group of reproducing Christ-followers emerge.

There are MANY opportunities globally for people with varied spiritual gifts, ministry interests, professional backgrounds and personal skills!

 Would you consider joining one of our long-term teams or pioneering a new one?

up to one year

Venture is a three month to one year immersion experience designed to expose participants in more depth to long-term missions! Each Venture journey is tailor-made by pairing the Venturer’s skills and interests with the needs of a long-term team.

Are you ready for a VENTURE experience that will equip you with more knowledge and experience in missions as you explore what God has for you next? 


The Edge is an 8 to 12 week summer missions experience for young adults in which you will serve alongside a small team of field workers, experience a new language and culture, and grow in your understanding of God, and His call on your life.

short term

If you are interested in a less than three month experience, but aren’t available in the summer or aren’t a young adult please still contact us! We would love to talk with you about possibilities! 


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