Sharing Jesus' Love

A generous baby gift of diapers, toiletries, blankets and clothing fills young moms’ hearts with joy. Far from home, crowded into sub-par, cheap housing units, pregnancy is a challenging time for Syrian women who have fled the violence in their community in search of peace. The love shown at the church-run clinic opens the doors for conversations about Jesus. 

A Mother's Heart

A Canadian Pioneers missionary living in the Middle East with her family, prayed with a local, evangelical church community, asking God how they could show the love of Jesus to the Syrian refugees who escaped the ongoing conflict. 

God gave them a vision for giving pre/postnatal care for the women both inside and outside the refugee camp. They felt compassion for those who were married as young as 12 and 13 years old and became pregnant quickly. The young girls were terrified as their bodies began to grow with the child. 

The clinic invites moms to watch an online series about pregnancy, the changes the body goes through and what to expect. Expecting moms are invited to come to the clinic for a full check-up, to make sure they are thriving. They are giving free prenatal vitamins, encouragement and kindness. 

When the baby comes, a team goes to her home to visit the mom, encourage her and check on how they are doing.  Moms are invited to come back for check-ups, making sure their infant has a healthy start. 

This small clinic reaches hundreds of women, sharing the love of Jesus as they care for vulnerable moms. 

May God bless and encourage new moms

Vulnerable mothers come to the church-run clinic for life-saving pre-natal and post-natal care.

You can provide the care for a mother and her infant for a full year for $300.