Clementia Learning Center

Clementia Learning Center

Saleem, a 10 years old Syrian boy, came to sign up for this year with his sisters. They have been in Lebanon for 5 years now and their dad is missing. We accepted his sisters but we couldn’t accept him due to the lack of space, so he started crying. He said: “I had to leave my school in Syria and now I can’t go to school too!”

Their story is one of many. As a result of the political turmoil in Syria, an estimated 630,000 children and their families have fled to Lebanon. More than half of them are not enrolled in formal education (Human Rights Watch, 2016)

God has placed a vision in the hearts of Pioneers missionaries and members of a partnering church in Lebanon. Together, we have established the Clementia Learning Center.

The goal is two-fold:

1.      Provide learning opportunities for refugee children

2.      Develop relationships and community among refugee families

 Before, during times of peace, Syrians were notoriously closed to the Gospel. Many would not have even considered interacting with Christians; indeed, they would have had little opportunity to do so, as there were so few Syrian Christians.

Now, separated from their homeland, many are encountering Christians for the first time! They are experiencing the demonstration of the love of Christ through believers who are providing food, learning opportunities, care and truly the most precious gift: the Word of God.

We invite you to be part of this great investment in the lives of Syrian children and the future of the nation. We are buoyed by God’s faithfulness.  Just 3 years ago, we had 6 children in the school.  Now, by faith, we have accepted 75 children (while still needing to turn away children).  To date, we have the funds to cover the costs for 40 students.  Please pray and seek God’s guidance – is He calling you to enable us to support the other 35.  We’re needing $2,000 for each of the remaining 35 children to be able to attend CLC all year.   Any contribution will help share Christs’ love to some of those who are truly ‘least of these’.

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