Arab World Media

Arab World Media

Arab World Media uses media strategies to engage with Muslims who are searching to know more about Jesus.

The Arab world is beautifully diverse, filled with noise and colour, rich in history. Its people are some of the warmest, most generous and hospitable people you'll ever meet. Still, the vast majority of them do not follow Jesus. Millions of Muslims in the Arab world have yet to hear the gospel and those who've accepted Christ face isolation, rejection and persecution.

We have an incredible opportunity to reach Muslims with the gospel online. There are 182 million internet users in the Middle East alone. Of those, 125 million are using social media. Allow us a moment to share with you how an Arabic speaker can find Jesus online through digital advertising. The goal is to display relevant information at the best moment for a specific person. Using media strategies provides that opportunity.

Imagine you are shopping on Amazon for a garden hose. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you visit a different website, you see ten ads for garden hoses? The internet knows what you have been searching for and shows you relevant content. That is a media strategy. Now imagine a Muslim, let's call her Ahna. She has questions about Jesus, and like most of us, she will go to Google to find answers. But what if the next time Ahna goes to her Facebook page, content appears about Jesus and the Christian faith? She had just been searching for answers about Jesus, and now she is presented with an opportunity to find out more. That is what Arab World Media does. They present opportunities to connect with the truth of the gospel through ads on Google and social media, just when a Muslim is searching for it.

But they don't stop there. The ad is a doorway for the seeker to have a personal conversation about Jesus. Behind the online ad, they have a team of Arabic speaking believers who engage with the seeker to help them on their spiritual journey. Their responders encourage and disciple individuals online. Then when possible, they put them in touch with a local believer for a face-to-face meeting.

Each month the Arab World Media team is in contact with an average of 1,300 individuals online. Over a 1,100 Bibles are downloaded, and more than 30 Arab seekers give their lives to Jesus!

Will you partner with us as we bring the light of Jesus Christ into the lives of many Muslims?

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