Ask For Moroccans in Spain

There are roughly 3,600 Moroccans living in a bustling suburb of 200,000, just outside of Madrid. As geographical transplants, these Moroccans wrangle with the vast differences between the local Spanish language and their North African Arabic. They also find it very difficult to associate with the Spanish culture; and for many, after having followed the promise of job opportunities in a new country, the reality of their circumstances has left them barely able to make ends meet. Embarrassed and disconnected, they gravitate to lives of isolation.

That isolation prevents them from knowing about the One True God that loves them, and His plan for their salvation through Jesus Christ. We call these people unreached. The Gospel is not rejected by this group of people; it is simply unknown.

After serving for 20 years in Morocco, God brought Elizabeth (pseudonym), a Pioneers worker, to Spain. She went with the intention of befriending precious immigrant Moroccans and of sharing Christ’s love.

Below is a powerful story that illustrates how God can use something as simple as a baby shower to reach some of the hardest-to-reach peoples of the world.

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The Vision

The vision is to see an entire movement of Moroccan believers advancing the Gospel.

To this end, Elizabeth will continue to reach out, befriend, and witness.

But this brings the question - What if there were two Elizabeth’s? Or four? Or fifteen? How many more opportunities would that present for the Moroccans to hear the Gospel? How much sooner could a church begin?

The possibilities are plentiful. Elizabeth has identified several means by which “outsiders” can have a welcome and an influence; such as by offering classes in Spanish, English, Art, Sewing, or Computer Science. She has established a legal foundation, Bridges of Hope, and is praying for more professionals in these areas to join her team. As this is being written, God is providing! Already a young Canadian woman named Chloe* is preparing to serve specifically among the Moroccans in Spain. She is currently living in Morocco to learn the local culture and the Arabic language and soon she will join Elizabeth in Madrid.

We invite you to walk through this open door with us:

The story is still being told, and we praise God for the beautiful unfolding. One day this people group will no longer be considered unreached, as scores of Moroccan believers will bow together, in worship of Jesus Christ. We do not know yet when that chapter will come; but we wait, and work, and pray, in eager anticipation.

This is also the story of how
you can make a difference.

You stand in a place of special influence.


Jesus is the Lord of the harvest and He is the power of all our work.

  • For more workers to join Elizabeth* in ministering to the Moroccan community in Madrid; professional staff for Bridges of Hope and others who are called to minister to this focus people.
  • For a facility for Bridges of Hope to rent.
  • For Chloe* as she learns language and culture in Morocco in preparation to join Elizabeth.
  • That God will soften the hearts of the many Moroccan women in Elizabeth’s sphere of influence so that they will be interested and receptive when Elizabeth shares the gospel message.
  • For freedom from spiritual strongholds.
  • For Elizabeth as she mentors, encourages and works alongside believers from her local Spanish church. That many more within her community would answer the call to serve their city through outreach ministry to immigrants.


God is calling. The Moroccans in Spain, and others like them, need Jesus and the answer is to obey the call of God and GO, short-or-long-term to the people and ministry He is laying on your heart. We are here to help you make it, step-by-step! 


By financially supporting Ask for the Nations your gift could mean that more Aleah’s will have the opportunity to hear and receive the Gospel.

Your financial partnership will enable us to engage and prepare new team members like Chloe to go the Moroccans in Spain and other unreached people groups, to care for those already on the field as they face great challenges and create communication materials that tell the stories of unreached people like the Moroccans in Spain.


Ask For The Moroccan People in Spain

She was pregnant.

At last, the confirmation came to her, leaving no room for doubt. Yes, she was pregnant.

Typically, this would be joyous news; the promise of new life signalling fresh wonder. The tidal waves of excitement, the quiet moments of pride, the internal relishing of what is to come, the anticipation.

But for Aleah (pseudonym), life presented many troubles, and she was alone. Her husband abandoned her; and in their culture, that kind of shame was alienating. What’s more, as a Moroccan woman living in Spain, Aleah did not feel like she could connect with the community around her. Like Mary of old, she found herself away from home, and in need of help. She was desperately poor.

And then Love entered in ...

For Aleah, this love came in the form of a baby shower. Elizabeth organized the occasion, which was attended by twenty women from the local Spanish church. Together, they prayed for Aleah and her baby, and showered them with gifts and friendship. These acts of kindness astounded Aleah. She testified, “Never in my whole life has someone taken care of me like you have taken care of us.”

We do not yet know the next chapter in Aleah’s story. But we do know that Elizabeth’s witness to her is an answer to prayer; prayers that Aleah and other members of her people group would have an opportunity to meet followers of Jesus who can share the Gospel with them. Ultimately, we pray that Aleah and others will come to faith, and themselves witness of His unfailing love to their family and friends.