The Moroccan People in Spain

She was pregnant.

At last, the confirmation came to her, leaving no room for doubt. Yes, she was pregnant.

Typically, this would be joyous news; the promise of new life signalling fresh wonder. The tidal waves of excitement, the quiet moments of pride, the internal relishing of what is to come, the anticipation.

But for Aleah (pseudonym), life presented many troubles, and she was alone. Her husband abandoned her; and in their culture, that kind of shame was alienating. What’s more, as a Moroccan woman living in Spain, Aleah did not feel like she could connect with the community around her. Like Mary of old, she found herself away from home, and in need of help. She was desperately poor.

And then Love entered in ...

For Aleah, this love came in the form of a baby shower. Elizabeth organized the occasion, which was attended by twenty women from the local Spanish church. Together, they prayed for Aleah and her baby, and showered them with gifts and friendship. These acts of kindness astounded Aleah. She testified, “Never in my whole life has someone taken care of me like you have taken care of us.”

We do not yet know the next chapter in Aleah’s story. But we do know that Elizabeth’s witness to her is an answer to prayer; prayers that Aleah and other members of her people group would have an opportunity to meet followers of Jesus who can share the Gospel with them. Ultimately, we pray that Aleah and others will come to faith, and themselves witness of His unfailing love to their family and friends.


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