Ask for the Sikh People

“I had a very difficult relationship with my father. As a young man, I inflicted immense shame on him by my lifestyle of partying and selling alcohol. Then I was introduced to Jesus and my life began to change. Yet this change did nothing to improve my relationship with him. He was furious with me and demanded that I stop attending church. But I was so enthralled by Jesus that my father’s protests didn’t stop me. Jesus is my personal Saviour and Lord. My life has been forever transformed. Hallelujah!” ~ Daler

“As a Sikh, I believed all religions have their own path to God and I respected each of those. But when my son embraced Jesus as Lord of his life, I was furious. I thought Christianity was narrow-minded and contradicted my strong Sikh culture. Soon after my son decided to follow Jesus, my family began to experience great difficulties and I was convinced it was because of him. 

By the grace of God, I met a pastor who prayed for my family. Soon I began listening to worship music. It brought peace to my life, and I was compelled to ask the pastor for more prayer. Not long after, Jesus came to me in a mighty dream and I experienced His healing touch and blessing. The fear of what would happen if I shared this with anyone was strong, and yet these words the pastor had spoken to me pierced deep into my heart: “The sacrifice of Jesus is for the whole world.” So, I began to share that Jesus is THE way, that His love is for ALL people, and that His love is beyond comparison.

I am so proud that my son is now a pastor, and I am grateful to God that we can worship together, sharing all that Jesus has done in both of our lives.” ~ Upinder

Our God is a remarkable God! In an area of the world where only 0.8% of people profess to be Christian, this family has embraced Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Enduring persecution, they boldly proclaim the hope of the Gospel. Our Pioneers team works with the very church that Daler now pastors.

Together, they use their gifts of teaching and counselling to strengthen and equip the body of Christ to go throughout their own city and province and to spread the Hope in Jesus. We serve an incredible God who redeems entire families who are now boldly proclaiming Christ as their Saviour.

"Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

- Hebrews 4:16