for the Nations

We have received GREAT LOVE
and we are passionately driven to share that great love.

The greatest INJUSTICE

It's difficult to imagine that in our world of connectivity and information, there are still those who have never heard of Jesus. The tragic reality is that billions of children, women and men will live and die without ever truly knowing God's love for them. These are some of their stories...

God's plan is to grow communities of CHRIST-FOLLOWERS

Pioneers has one purpose: to go into regions where few people have ever had the opportunity to hear of Jesus and His great salvation, and tell the story of His great love. And then, as men, women, young people and children discover Jesus, we begin to build a community of Christ-followers.

Our ministry team strives to partner and encourage each new member, building a church where there was none before. And as that community matures, they go, sharing God's love as He calls them, planting new seeds, building other communities that worship the true and living God

God equips us to grow HIS KINGDOM

Many of Pioneers missionaries do not fit the typical missionary mold. We use our skills to enter countries where traditional missionaries are not welcome.

out of our comfortable lives

Deliberately leaving the comfort of your home, your family, and your church family is extremely difficult. God's call to each of us is specific.

He knows our unique gifts and equips us for tasks that seem more difficult than we are capable of accomplishing.

Some He calls to go and some He calls to send. How is He calling you?

MOVE cross culturally and work among the unreached

PRAY for workers and the unreached world

GIVE to partner with those who are taking the Gospel to the unreached world